Well, Hello there!

It’s me! Jessica from Cali Book Reviews! I have been having some monetary issues and wasn’t able to keep my hosting up, so I lost everything. My own fault, but it is what it is! That’s why my husband is currently in Nashville working while the kids and I are still in Kansas City! A couple of months ago I had an idea for a blog name and I figured since I am no longer doing the .com, I’d open this wordpress.com one with that name! Hooks and Books simply because I crochet with hooks, and I do book reviews 🙂

While this blog will be about things I make with my small crochet & vinyl business and book reviews, I also wanted something that could be about life also. Ya know, all things I enjoy! It got tiresome trying to keep up with 2 different blogs, and honestly, I rarely ever did much with my “lifestyle” blog, so here I am. Everything in one place!

If you’re new to the world of Jessica Cali – Here’s a little about myself!

I have been married to my husband, Rc, since March 31, 2007. Together we have 3 kids! Michael is 12, Connor is 10 and Rosalie is 5! I enjoy a wide variety of things. Blogging, crochet, working with my cricut machine, sports (mainly football and baseball – but really whatever my kids are participating in at the time!) reading and video games!

My husband got me into Fortnite back right before Christmas last year, and I play that quite often. I have also gotten back into a video game called ARK. I started playing a new game called Creative Destruction with my husband as well.


I do believe I am going to be putting this saying on a shirt for myself! Maybe not with the Hooks and Books part – BUT ya know!

I’ll share different things I make, and don’t worry – if I do, it’ll be watermarked with Cali Crochet & Vinyl – in some way! Like this little mouse that I shipped to Ventura, California yesterday!

Ballerina Mouse

I sell crochet & vinyl on Etsy – SHAMELESS PLUG AHEAD!!!

New Card

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