Sleepless in South Central Missouri

Guys I have the worse tooth/ear-ache ever and I don’t know which one it is! Like the whole right lower jaw hurts. I went to bed around 11 PM and it’s now 3:51 AM and I’m awake with a pot of coffee just finishing and a steaming cup sitting on my desk right now. Tylenol has no help with the pain. My husband got me some Anbesol and that didn’t help. I have a frozen pack that I wrap in a shirt and can lay my jaw on that and it helps, but this is ridiculous! I’m going on 2 nights of this pain.

I’m really trying NOT to redo my nails right now! I just did them Monday and they still look great. Not even grown out much.

I’m just trying to pass the time before everyone else wakes up in my house, or it’s an acceptable time to start laundry! I don’t want to do any right now and wake my family up… they don’t have to be sleepless with me!

I have some antibiotics that I’m going to start taking when I can get to the store to get some yogurt (of course, have to wait for the store to open up!). I don’t HAVE to take them with food, but the last time I had to take them I ended up with the worlds worst yeast infection and that was NO fun!

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