Rebel (Dead Man's Ink, #1) by Callie Hart

rebelAbout the Book

Book One in the Dead Man’s Ink Series. This book contains strong ties with the Blood & Roses series, but you do not have to have read those works in order to read this one. Rebel is a contemporary romance story with occasional dark themes that some people might find confronting.
Sometimes, you don’t mean to become another person. Sometimes the choice is made for you, and pretending is the only thing that keeps you going. When Alexis Romera is taken and her kidnappers find her fake ID in her purse, she must become Sophia in order to keep her family safe. Revealing her real identity to the man she’s sold to would be easy enough, but can she trust him? Hell-bent on revenging the murder of his uncle, Rebel doesn’t seem all that interested in playing things safe.

In fact, nothing about the secretive, dark and brooding MC president seem safe at all.

What do you do when the man who raised you is murdered, and the only witness is a kidnapped girl who’s being sold as a sex slave? You buy her, of course. As president to the most powerful motorcycle club in America, Rebel isn’t lacking in power. There are strings the man can pull, and entire criminal organizations and corporate businesses alike would fall to their knees. However, along with such power comes intense interest. The DEA have their eye fixed solely on the MC…and they’re just waiting for Rebel to trip up.

Getting Sophia to testify is the only way to bring the Los Oscuros cartel down. The beautiful, dark-haired, dark-eyed woman is belligerent and uncooperative and unlikely to bend to his will, but Rebel has a few tricks up his sleeve to make her compliant–he’ll charm her until she’s bending over backward to please him.

Of course, falling for her might cause a few hiccups along the way…

*** Rebel is part 1 in a 3 part story and ends on a cliffhanger. Rogue, part 2 in the Dead Man’s Ink series comes out Nov 17 ***

Rebel is free to read on Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription to that! 

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My sister in law asked me if I had ever read anything by Callie Hart before and I said no because I hadn’t. She told me I should check them out and since they were on Kindle Unlimited, I asked her for her recommendation on which book to read first. She suggested Rebel. I started it less than 24 hours ago and I literally JUST closed the book out on my kindle and finished it. Holy Crap! I could absolutely not put it down!

I can’t wait to read book 2 in the Dead Man’s Ink Series called Rogue! I think I have successfully found the next author whose books I will devour! HUGE plus that they’re on Kindle Unlimited also! Finances are super tight so I can’t buy all the books I’d like to, so instead I end up just paying the $10 a month for KU and read to my heart’s content!

This book kept me wanting to read more & find out what was going to happen. Did I know Sophia was going to fall in love with Rebel? I guessed it was going to happen, but there were plenty of times when I second-guessed my original thoughts. I do believe this is the first ever MC type book I have read, but it might not be. I might have found a new type of book I like. Yeah, there’s lots of sexual talk and bad language, but being in a motorcycle club, how can there not be?! I am a HUGE fan of the ever-popular MC TV show that made me cry more times than I like to admit! Again, thanks to the sister in law mentioned above who was constantly professing her love for Jax Teller LOL! Definitely thankful for her in recommending this book for me to read!

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