New Look [for Spring]

Okay I didn’t actually make this header for Spring but it sounded good, right? I really liked the header that I had previously, but I got to looking at it yesterday and I realized there was a grey X in the middle of it. I had made that one in Design Space, which I use for making things with Vinyl and my Cricut, but I guess when I saved the image, which had to be done via the “snipping tool” on my computer, I had the image clicked so it saved the grey X.

I got to looking on Etsy last night for a WordPress theme, but I didn’t find any that I absolutely fell in love with. Once my husband got home from work, I decided I was just going to look on Ebay for a copy of Paint Shop Pro 9. While outdated, I was used to it, though I haven’t actually used the program in a good little bit (probably 6ish years!)

There weren’t any that weren’t auctions, and I didn’t want to wait on an auction to end so I ended up going to the Corel free trials website and download the free 30 day trial of Paint Shop Pro 2019. I first started using PSP in 2005 when I started my first ever website, dedicated to MySpace Graphics.

Paint Shop Pro has changed dramatically and whoa! I was lost while making this simple little header! I am still pretty happy with the outcome!

Let me know what you think!

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