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Oh goodness y’all! I can’t tell you how much I love the products I am selling right now! Have YOU heard of Color Street? I hadn’t until a blogger friend, Leila, over at Life as Leels introduced me to it and I purchased from her in August or September of 2019 and let me tell you, I was absolutely hooked!

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As you might know, I was a manager at IHOP before we moved at the beginning of 2020. For the first few months of me being a manager, there wasn’t a dishwasher on my evening shifts. That meant I had the duty of keeping the dish pit clean and clear of dishes piling up. A lot of those dishes, if they sat for any amount of time, would have the syrup dry on them, or the egg yolks, or the cheese from the omelets. That could be challenging to get off and either I would have to use my fingernails, or a steel scrubber, which the cooks always liked to take in the kitchen. So I’d use my fingernails.

I never had the time to go sit in the salon for an hour or so to get my nails done, so I bought a set from Leila and applied them before bed one night.

This is the first mani I did! It was SO easy to apply. My cuticles looked terrible, especially around my thumb, but this got me hooked <3

I decided I would have a party with Leila in November and that went over really well. I got 2 1/2 items and like $46 in free products, which was great! At the end of my party, once I saw how many of my friends actually liked the product, I decided I was going to go ahead and sign up to sell them. With the impending move, I never actually had the chance to sign up before we moved and then once we got moved, we had all kinds of down payments for bills, electric, deposit for rent, internet, etc, plus all the past months bills from KC and car insurance and all that good stuff. I decided once I received my tax refund I would sign up.

Stuff happened with my taxes and I ended up getting about $4500 less than I was supposed to get, but whatever, at least those bills are paid, right? I still took the $129 from my taxes and signed up on a whim on March 11th. My monthly goal right now is $200 a month and I am over halfway there in less than my first month. I wasn’t expecting to be able to make my goal or super close to it in my first month with the company, but hey, here I am, kicking butt and taking names πŸ˜€

Here are some of my personal nailfies!

You’ll see the 3rd picture is on my daughter’s hand! Yes!! Color Street even has a Petite Line for smaller nails/little girls and my daughter LOVES them!

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  1. I am TERRIBLE at painting my fingernails– I just struggle so much with using my non-dominant hand! So, I almost never paint my fingernails. (When I do, I use just a clear coat; sometimes I’ll try a very light pink or peach tone.) These items look awesome! TBH, I was surprised by how interested I was in looking through the various styles and colors. Best of luck in your endeavors! πŸ™‚

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