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One of my managerial duties at IHOP was washing dishes, especially on the days that I didn’t have a dishwasher. I could have been like a couple of the other managers and asked the cooks to do the dishes, but really, there was no reason to! I didn’t take tables, so I didn’t have to worry about whether my tables were getting what they needed.

Well, it could get quite boring doing dishes all the time, so before work one day, I ran to the AT&T store and purchased a pair of their Galaxy Buds. I charged them and have to admit I had to google how to get them to pair with my NOTE 10 Plus phone. I’ve been in love ever since!

The first thing I listened to with them was the Audiobook version of Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks, which was amazing, in case you were wondering.

Honestly, AT&T says the battery lasts 13 hours and honestly I’ve not used them quite that long at one time, but there are times when I can go a week without plugging the charger into the charging case. The battery doesn’t seem to drain on the buds themselves and the case seems to really hold a great charge also.

With my Galaxy Wearable app, I am able to push a button and if I were to misplace a bud, it will start chirping. This has happened and I have had to do the “find my earbud” feature. There has even been times when I lost the case entirely, and I really freaked out, because I paid around $150 after taxes for these.

Having never messed with any of the wireless ear pods such as Apple’s Air Pods, I am not sure how those work. I like that on my Galaxy Buds, I am able to just tap them once to pause what I’m listening to, tap twice to skip forward, tap three times to skip backwards. I also like that they are compatible with iPhones, so should I ever switch to Apple, I won’t have to buy Air Pods, which I believe are more expensive.

I think the size for these are great. However, my Sunday night cook at IHOP asked me once if I had a hearing aid in. HA! I just informed him that no, I was listening to my Kansas City Chiefs games on the radio while working!

There are charging indicators on the case itself that aren’t exactly ideal, but they do tell you where your battery percentage is at. You CAN take an earbud out of its case and find out the percentage on the buds, but for the case, a green light means you’re fully charged or battery level is at 60 percent or higher, yellow is between 30 and 60 percent and red means you’re charging or below 30 percent.

Overall, I rate these a 4*. I really like the ear buds, they were worth the $150ish that I spent on them.

The next thing I purchased as an accessory for my Galaxy Buds was this case on Amazon. The case is silicone, and it has a carabiner on it which I attach to the top part of my backpack!

Overview from the AT&T page

Rated Best Wireless Headphones of 2019 by Consumer Reports

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are one of the best-scoring portable Bluetooth headphones Consumer Reports has ever tested. Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds with your phone or tablet and go. Listen and chat during the day, then wirelessly recharge for 15 minutes to get up to 1.7 more hours of play time. Tuned by AKG, Galaxy Buds deliver clear calls, your favorite podcasts, and the music you love while keeping you aware of your surroundings when walking, working, or working out.

Power up to power on.
Get up to 13 hours1 of battery life when you are on the go with a case that doubles as a wireless charger. One full charge provides up to 6 hours1 of play time and the charging case provides up to an additional 7 hours. 1Running low on power but in a rush to get out the door? A quick 15-minute charge in the case will get you up to 1.7 hours of play time.
1Average battery life of Galaxy Buds without charging is up to 6 hours, based on typical usage. Case provides up to another 7 hours of battery life for Galaxy Buds when Galaxy Buds are stored and charged between use. Battery life will vary.

Premium sound tuned by AKG+G4
The sound that moves you is now made to move with you. Tuned by AKG, Samsung Galaxy Buds provide premium sound wirelessly from your device. A new optimized driver offers substantial bass, while a volume driver gives you a wider range of sound.

Just what you want to hear
Turn on Ambient Aware to control how much surrounding noise you want to let in. With Ambient Aware Mode, you’ll be aware of traffic when you’re out walking, catch flight announcements, and hear when your kids and coworkers call out to you.

Sounds good. Feels good.
Designed to fit comfortably in your ears, Galaxy Buds come in with 3 adjustable eartip and wingtip sizes right from the box. So whether you’re running or dancing to your favorite tunes, you’re ensured the best possible fit.

Resists water
Thanks to IPX22 splash resistant technology, your Galaxy Buds can handle splashes, a little sweat, and even the accidental spill.
2Complies with IPX2 water resistance testing standard. Do not submerge; dry after exposure to moisture.

Control with a touch
Easily switch tracks, take a call or turn on Ambient Aware with a touch. Music automatically pauses when you remove your Galaxy Buds and resumes when you place them back in your ears.

Expand your Galaxy
Simply open the Galaxy Buds case near your phone or tablet to pair effortlessly. Once the window pops up for pairing, you’re good to go.3
3The connection pop-up window will appear only on Samsung mobile devices running Android 7.1.1 or later that have the SmartThings app installed. If the popup window does not appear, update the SmartThings app to the latest version.

Android & iOS compatible
The Galaxy Buds pair with both Android and iOS compatible smartphones via Bluetooth connection.4
4Use with a smartphone and tablet running Android 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB and above. Automatic sync and Ambient Aware Mode only available for Android; iOS users can use Voice Command/Siri.

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