Day 1 On my own

I was off training yesterday so I got to do my own tables. If you didn’t read the giveaway post, (make sure you go enter!) I started my new job at IHOP as a waitress/server on Thursday! So Thursday, Friday and Saturday I spent training. I’d go in at 9am and get off at 1pm. For those 3 days, I got paid minimum wage. Sunday March 31 I was no longer on training so not only did I get bumped down to $4.30 an hour, but I was also able to start getting my own tips and doing my own tables.

To say I was nervous beyond belief is an understatement. The day went with minimal messups, I think. I’m not sure how much I made in tips, just how much cash I brought home (not all tips were cash and I believe the credit card tips will be on my next check). I go back in at 4 this evening and work until 10pm. My schedule is all wonky this week, BUT I get a little over 42 hours! I have Wednesday off. All weekends are mandatory to work, UNLESS you ask off.

I really have no reason to ask off on a weekend, until football season starts! Once that starts, I’ll most likely end up asking off either during the day or evenings for my sons games, but I’ll still be available to work the other part of the day. The last job I held was Casey’s and I quit that when Rosalie was born 6 years ago. I haven’t worked out of the home since then, but something absolutely HAD to give. Bills were getting behind. Construction work in KC (mainly the tile work) has come to almost a complete halt and my husband hadn’t gotten a job since November from the company he got all his tile work from.

Anyways, back to Day 1. I hadn’t even clocked in when they asked me if I wanted a table. Of course I did! Once they got the seating chart set up, I saw I had 5 tables. Which is about normal. Not even 2 tables later someone marked a line through my section leaving me only 2 tables. When a party of 7 came in, the manager asked me if I was alright with that. Yeah, of course I was. But he sat them at the 3 tables that weren’t mine anymore. I explained to him what had happened (of course the line was gone by then) and he siad that it was MY section to take it. The couple had 5 adorable kids. And left me a hefty tip! One of the little girls was celebrating her birthday (aww! It was also Rosalie’s birthday yesterday – along with our 12th wedding anniversary!)

I’m going to enjoy the job! I’m going to do this completely different than I did at Casey’s. I’m not going to become “friends” with any of them. I don’t need extra drama from them. Work is going to stay at work. I became close friends with a couple of the people I worked with at Casey’s and it wasn’t great. Just gonna leave it at that!

In conclusion. My feet hurt so bad. I will NOT be going back to Walmart for non slip shoes. They are NOT comfortable at all LOL.

Do you find it wise to leave work at work? Or should I become friends with coworkers outside of work?

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