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So wow it’s been a minute and a half since I’ve updated anything on here and for that, I apologize! A lot has happened since my last life update here! I was pretty sure that I had mentioned no longer being a server, but being bumped up to manager in April, but going back through my posts, I guess I really only posted one post about my job, and that was after my first day of serving alone. So I started IHOP on March 28, and by April 28 (around there – I had barely even been there a month) our General Manager asked me if I would be interested in a manager position. I agreed, but with the understanding that I would still get to do some of the serving that I was doing. I still got to serve, and really only managed 1-2 days a week, until July, when one of the other managers lost her job and I went down to zero serving days, and a full-time manager. Since July, unless I have asked for more than 2 days off, I have always had 40+ (closer to 45) hours a week, which puts me in overtime constantly. But hey, I’m not complaining about that!

Currently, my days off are Monday and Tuesday and I really like that setup! I work all evenings unless I am asked to go in to cover for a server (or like this previous Tuesday, our GM needed to leave early to stay with his kids, so I went to cover for him from noon-3pm). I love the job, I really do, but damn there is so much drama it’s not even funny! I’ve made some good friends there and I’m going to miss them when I leave!

You’re asking When you leave? Yeah, my last day is going to be January 2! My family and I are moving back home to where I grew up on January 3! We decided this almost a month ago and to say I am excited is just a little bit of an understatement! We are currently looking for a place to rent until we can get established with jobs there and get enough for a down payment on a home to purchase! There is one house that we have both fallen in love with and I am really hoping, with fingers crossed, that it stays available until we are able to buy!

I do have to be at work by 3 tonight, so I guess I better go grab a shower and get my hair dried.

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