I am super behind on my reading goal for this year, as of right now. I had been doing really good, then I hit a snafu with my Kindle Unlimited and I’m not entirely sure why it got canceled but it did. I have also updated my 2019 Bookish and Blogging Goals post from January 1 and I have to say, I’ve not done so hot there.

As for the issues I had talked about with Kindle Unlimited, I don’t know what happened with that and I don’t know why! All I know is my father in law (same last name as me, obviously) had me order an AT&T mobile hotspot box for him and had given me his card to use. I’m not even sure why he wanted ME to order it for him, because he has his own Amazon account. I don’t know if it’s because we had previously ordered this box or what, but anyways, he asked and I did.

A couple weeks later, he walked in the house while talking on the phone and handed me his phone. It was Amazon. He was wanting to cancel HIS kindle unlimited subscription but they needed MY details?! Confusing right? I figure maybe my KU subscription charged his card (It shouldn’t have, because my card has been the same for years) and he said he wanted to cancel his, but gave the receipt number for mine? I don’t even know! He did offer to give me his card back to get my KU subscription back, since it cancelled mine, but I’ll get it back when I make some extra cash!

I’ve been so busy with crocheting that I haven’t been reading like I should be. I stopped by the library the other day to print some shipping labels out (for said crochet projects) and grabbed some books while there. My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult and The Cast by Danielle Steel. I haven’t read either of them, though I have seen the movie My Sisters Keeper. I also have another Jodi Picoult book on hold at the library, so since I have to go print another 2 shipping labels (I really need to invest in my OWN printer but….) I’ll grab that one when I get there tomorrow. Not sure which book that one is either lol.

I’ll get some pictures of the 2 newest projects (a stuffed cow & a stuffed pig) back from the recipients soon so when I do I’ll definitely post those!

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