Apple Watch Series 3 Review

After I switched from Android to Apple, I realized my Samsung Active Watch wouldn’t really work properly with my new iPhone, I went on Best Buy (after a run around with AT&T wanting to take 2 months to get me an Apple Watch) and purchased one straight up. I just got the GPS version (non-cellular – because really, who needs an extra line for just a watch?)

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the watch! It’s definitely a LOT different than the Samsung one I had, which I also really liked, but I wanted to be able to reply to texts while at work (shhh… don’t tell my mom since she’s my boss LOL) and I couldn’t with the pairing between Samsung and Apple.

I had the option to get either white or black, and I think I’m pretty happy with my choice in getting the black watch. It looks sleeker, and isn’t going to get as dirty while I’m working (or if it does, it won’t show!) I also happen to like how the black looks better than the white one. Just an odd preference!

Now, not owning an Apple product in the past 5-6 years, things have changed. I hadn’t ever owned an Apple watch prior so this was completely new!

  • Activation was non-existent since I just needed to pair the watch with my phone via BlueTooth! Pretty easy process there.
  • I love the design and size of the watch. I got the Series 3 38mm and it’s neither too big nor too small.
  • The selection of the different watch bands that are offered is amazing! You can get so many different ones, which I really like. I might order a couple of different ones, but I definitely don’t think I’ll order a ton! If I could find a Kansas City Chiefs one, I think I’d be happy!
  • I haven’t made many calls on the watch, but I have answered 2 and the call connectivity was pretty good. I did get disconnected on the call with my husband because my phone decided that would be the perfect time to update.
  • Battery life is killer! I love it! I can use my watch for a full 2 days before it REALLY needs to be on the charger, which is nice! I typically charge it while I’m taking a shower or bath before I head to work for the day, because I want all those steps I take to count and I don’t want it to die!
  • My husband (or one of my boys) did ask why I went with the series 3 when the series 5 is out, and my answer for that was simply the price! Through Best Buy I got the series 3 for $199.00 which wasn’t a terrible price. I got free shipping, and I think overall I paid $207 and some change after taxes.

Would I buy the series 3 again, now knowing what I currently do? 100% without a doubt! Sure I’m sure I will eventually upgrade to the Series 5 or whatever newer one they come out with but they’re going to have to bring back the 38mm sized one.

For those of you who do have an Apple Watch, what are some must-have apps for it?

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  1. I love my Apple Watch, I use it for health purposes mostly but when sports are on I love it for the NBA and ESPN apps. Enjoy yours!! 🙂

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