I hate when my husband has to go out of town for work. Working in the construction business, during the winter things get really hard because there aren’t enough houses built during the summer/warmer fall months to hold everyone over in the winter. There hasn’t been enough commercial business either, so he has been in Nashville. He left the beginning of November and was out there for 10 days, but had originally planned to be there for 14. With it being right before Thanksgiving, I don’t think he wanted to be traveling the day before, so he came home the weekend before!

He surprised the kids and I well because we didn’t realize he would be coming home! It was a nice spending a full week at home with him doing nothing! He didn’t have to leave to go to work. The kids also got a full week with him, because from the day before Thanksgiving to the Wednesday after they were out of school! They had originally planned to go back the Monday after (and my husband had planned to leave the Sunday after Thanksgiving) but due to a “blizzard” (seriously, we got about 7 inches of snow just Sunday alone!) he ended up staying due to the main interstate (I70) being closed. Come Monday morning, the roads still were pretty crappy, so Tuesday morning, they headed out. He had checked his email once they got on the road (his nephew was driving) and he had an email that said his birth certificate would be here the next day, so he turned around and came home so he could get that to get his new drivers license since his wallet had been stolen back in June.

The DMV closes at 5 on Wednesdays, his package was supposed to be here by 4, which would give him plenty of time to get over there and get his new license and then be able to leave. UPS didn’t get to our house until 5:02. So Thursday morning they left and went to the DMV then finally got back on the road to Nashville.

It’s now been another week since he has been gone and I hate it. It’s been better than the previous time he was gone. The kids are listening to me much better this time around. The weather still sucks so we aren’t exactly able to go out and do fun wintery Christmas related things because I don’t have a heater in the car so I try not to go too many places. Okay, it DOES have a heater, but even on high, which is the ONLY setting that works, it doesn’t really get warm. This is one of the reasons he’s taken a job out of town, so that he can work on getting us a new vehicle (with a heater) that’s bigger than the Ford Focus I currently drive. I can’t exactly complain, because we bought the car for $600 with some issues and it still runs!

Anyways, I really didn’t mean for this post to be this long, I just seem to get started and keep going lol. I guess what I was trying to say when I started this post is that it sucks, because he’s missing stuff for the kids. He’s missed Michael’s first violin performance of the year, he will miss his first basketball game, and all but 1 of the practices so far. HE might be able to make it home in time for the boys’ first violin performance together and Connor’s first ever, along with Michael’s DARE graduation, but I don’t know! It stinks

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