2019 Bookish/Bloggish Goals

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I hope your 2019 is fantastic!

On to the reason for this post! I have a few bookish/blog related posts that I am going to try super hard to keep up with!

  1. 100 books in 2019.  My goal for 2018 was 135 and I only read 76. I didn’t have a kindle, and I didn’t read a lot on my phone due to how small the screen was. Plus, I would get distracted when I’d get a notification lol. I now have a kindle so it’s easier to see and easier to NOT get distracted because I have the Paperwhite, so NOTHING but books on there!
  2. 5 classic books. I’m not sure how well I will do for this, but I’m going to try! One of my favorite books of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird so maybe I’ll find some other new classics that I love!
  3. Blog at least once a week – that is NOT book related! This blog is titled Hooks and Books – and when I started it, I wanted it to be MORE than just books! Crochet Related, Life, AND Books! Most everything right now has been about books! There hasn’t been ANYTHING crochet related!
  4. Crochet related – Don’t get behind. Focus on orders. Don’t get distracted!
  5. Crochet ONE afghan a month! I don’t care if it’s a baby afghan, going to be donated or to list on my Etsy. I wanna do it!

Do you have any bookish/bloggish goals for 2019?

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  1. I wish I could read that many books!! I’m lucky if i read 2 or 3 a month 🙁 right now books a million has a ton of classic paperback books on sale for $5.97 and I found a set of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights for $5 for both in the very back of the store!!

  2. I understand not reaching your book goals. I used to set a goal of 150 a year, but I’ve been around 50 the last couple of years.

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